Author, Valerie Stancill Releases Who Ordered These Shoes!

click this over here now Author, Valerie Stancill releases her new book, Who Ordered These Shoes? This unconventional autobiography depicts the love between she and her husband, while dealing with a terminal lung disease. Valerie will be hosting her book signing celebration on Saturday, January 12th, in New Jersey, surrounded by family and friends.

rencontre cougar en dordogne Valerie Stancill is the founder of Cloud9 Wellness, LLC, a holistic wellness center committed to helping people to become empowered, feel better and live longer with a vast variety of holistic alternatives. Her passion is to educate and equip people to regain control and live abundantly by changing their lifestyles.

Valerie is passionate about those families who are living with a loved one or have lost a loved one to Pulmonary Hypertension. She vowed to continue the PHight as long as she has breath in her body to bring awareness to this horrific disease and be an advocate for families affected with Pulmonary Hypertension.

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